Jinzhou Tiegong Railway Maintenance Machinery Co.Ltd. is located at No.837, Xingshan Street of the economy & technology development zone of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. Being founded in 1992, Tiegong is a factory mechanically processing and manufacturing railway dedicated devices and test-inspection equipment.

Our company has eight departments such as production, technology, quality, supply, marketing, finance, Human resource, after-sales service.

Having tens of production equipment such as turning, milling, facing, grinding, slotting, punching machines, and pressing, welding equipment, and numerical control, cutting, checking, machining centre, etc,.

Main Product – rail cutting machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, tamping machine, rail lifting machine, track panel frame, fine adjusting device, lifting and lining machine, rail stretcher, bolt wrench, rail welding machine, flattener, rail jack, track shifter, rail lifting and shifting device, rail bending device, rail gap adjuster, rail emergency rescue device, rail turner, rail impacting device, rail carrier, grinding wheel, drill, traveling bogie, inspection equipment, etc,.

Company aptitude: Its Quality Management S ystem conforms to ISO 9001 standard and requirement. Its main products have “CRCC” certificate issued by China Railway Production Certification Center, and also have railway administration material market access card, and Cargoes imported and exported Certificate of registration, and multiterm national patent.

Company enjoys honors such as 《Liaoning Province Reputation well-known Enterprise》,《Jinzhou City AAA Credit Rating Certificate》,《Jinzhou City laid-off workers Resettlement Base》, 《Jinzhou City Contract Observing and credit Valuing Enterprise 》, 《Safety Production Work MBO Excellent Unit 》, 《CCOIC Liaoning Province Chamber of commerce Member Unit 》.

Company staff pursue-Produce first-rate product, realize product high-tech, manage diversity, market internationalization, and manage modernization.

Our Company comprehensive capacity is improved to some extent going with railway construction development. Our products have been sold to various railway administration, engineering bureau, subway, coal mine, iron and steel company. And our products have been exported abroad. Our sincere service enables us to enjoy the support and trust of our endusers at home and abroad.

Our Company pursues-customers’ need. Our company aim-customers’ satisfaction. We’ll make progress continuously, perfect management and production environment constantly to contribute actively to railway construction.

contact number:0416-7996209; fax:0416—7996210

company website:www.tiegong.net


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