Rail Tamping Machine series
YD-22 Diesel rail tamping machine

YD-22 Diesel rail tamping machine

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Product description

Collecting endusers’ experience at home and abroad, adopting new material and technology, this type of machine is our upgrading product. Its basic structure and working principle reserves the original advantages, that is of double guide pillar frame and single cylinder lifting mode. it’s able to operate on II type concrete sleeper and III type concrete sleeper, and on various concrete sleeper and rail track. Its main technical performance is better than the old type. It’s suitable for tamping operation on various rail and sleeper track after the overhaul and medium maintenance ballast cleaning operation, and also suitable for tamping operation on the new track ballast bed.  This machine has the features of high quality performance, reasonable structure, safe and reliable operating capability and high working efficiency, which can satisfy the requirement of ballast tamping operation.

1、motive power:

(1)186Fmodel diesel enginepower 6.3kW

  rpm 3600

(2)SF190model diesel enginepower 7kW

  rpm 2300/

(3)GX270model petrol enginepower 6.6kW

 rpm 3600

2、hydraulic system working pressure 5~6MPa

3、 vibration frequency 66.7Hz

4、exciting force: 22kN

5、max. under thrust force 16kN

6、clamping force 6.5kN×2

7、under thrust depth 110mm±10mm

8、production efficiency ≥270pieces/(group·per hour)

9、main frame net weight:air cooling diesel engine:397kg 

   water cooling diesel engine:455kg  petrol engine:300kg


air cooling diesel engine: 1300mm×750mm×1600mm

water cooling diesel engine: 1300mm×750mm×1600mm

petrol engine: 1390mm×750mm×1600mm

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