Do you know what machine is used to screw the bolts on the track? It turned out to be these labor-saving machines.

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We all know that there is a track in our life, which is also a kind of equipment that can not be separated from the high-speed railway and the subway. If there is no track, it can not walk. If the track is long-term in hot and cold weather, the bolts above will inevitably be damaged . At this time, our railway workers will deal with it in time, and it is very hard. So what equipment do railway workers use to repair tracks? Next, I'll introduce it to you.


There are many kinds of bolt screwing equipment, such as electric bolt wrench, internal combustion bolt wrench and hydraulic wrench. Here are the pictures of bolt screwing equipment of Jinzhou Tiegong Railway Maintenance Machinery Co.,Ltd.


E3-36L electric bolt wrench



electric bolt wrench


Internal combustion rail bolt wrenches are divided into hand-held wrenches, single-head bolt wrenches and double-head bolt wrenches.

portable rail bolt wrench


Portable rail bolt wrench

NLB-300 300 single-head bolt wrench


single-head bolt wrench

double-head rail bolt wrench

double-head bolt wrench



These bolt wrenches can screw the bolts on the track, and are suitable for loosening and tightening the bolts and nuts on the sleepers of railway lines. These machines have their own personalities and are good helpers for railway workers. You all know that.



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