A series of troubleshooting methods for rail stretcher

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Hydraulic rail stressor is a kind of equipment used for stress relief and long rail laying of 75kg/m and 60kg/m rail seamless track. In the field construction, when the temperature of the locked rail is below a certain range, the rail in zero stress state is forced to stretch to the length of the locked rail temperature with the rail stretcher to re-lock.


What are the causes of the failure?

What are the causes of the failure?

Failure 1. What if the cylinder does not work or crawls?

Causes of Faults and Removal Methods

1. Failure of piston seal ring. Exclusion: Replacement of Seal Ring

2. The serious wear gap between piston and cylinder liner is too large. Exclusion: Replacement of new parts

3. The hydraulic oil does not clean the cylinder liner and produces grooves. Exclusion: Replacement of new parts

4. Blockage of tubing joint. Exclusion method: cleaning or replacing new parts

5. The serious wear gap between pump plunger and pump sleeve in pumping station is too large. Exclusion: Replacement of new parts

6. Failure or fracture of reset spring of pump plunger in pumping station. Exclusion: Replacement of new parts

7. Blockage of suction port in pumping station. Removal method: cleaning and removing impurities

8. Leakage of joints. Exclusion: Retighten

Failure 2. How can the rail stretcher not clamp the rail?

Cause of failure: excessive wear of skew iron teeth

Exclusion method: grinding or replacing inclined iron with angle mile

Failure 3. Sliding between rail and inclined rail during operation

Cause of failure: severe deformation of inclined iron seat due to overload fatigue

Exclusion: Replacemen

Above are the troubleshooting methods of rail stretcher. Do you understand them?

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